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RE: changed cambelt and lifters now car won't start

I should have mentioned the idle roller as well, sorry got my beer goggles
on already. When I first put the belt on I turned it over by hand therefore
no damage could occur without me feeling it, it takes the full two turns
before the marks on the cam line up. Take the point re fuel, forgotten about
the 5th injector. Out of interest  3 or 4 out of the 10 lifters were soft
when you pressed the part in the middle (upside down) new ones are all the
same. I hope this is the cause of my problem.

Thanks for your help Phil.



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Subject:	changed cambelt and lifters now car won't start

> Been on this one all damn day today, I have replaced the cambelt, water
> (thanks Huw) and lifters today on the Coupe Q '85, but now I can't get the
> darn thing started.

Wot no idler roller?

> 1 the engine turns over fine by hand no resistance (ie valves hitting
> pistons.

They only resist once.

> 2. the cam moves and the rotor arm moves

> 3 the tdc marks line up on the cam cover/gasket and the crank
> cam cover

Cam cover gasket and flywheel mark, I hope you mean.

> 4 I have fuel ( I can smell it when I pulled the sparks)

You will have.  The cold start valve is firing.  Tells you nothing.

> when I crank over with the starter with plugs and leads attached, it turns
> over for a second and then stops with starter sounding like it is stuck.

> I did unfortunately move the rotor arm during the course of events today
> put it back to where I thought it should be ie no 1 plug lead.

I think the Coupe GT is a timing light car.  Align cam wheel with cover
and flywheel mark, and then crank with the distributor loose, rotating
it until you're in business.  Fine tuning is done with the timing light.

(ISTR it has to be done with the vacuum advance disconnected.)

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