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Re: Quattros and Kitties?

> Jon Archibald <JArchibald@whpacific.com> said:
> >
> > My cat appears to have a nature's locking center diff...I'm not sure of
> > the mechanics at work here, but I've got a rather
> > amusing photo
> You have a cat?   a housecat?  GREAT!   I have a .22!  we should get
> together some time :^}
  Awe come on, House cars are great (for others maybe), I just wish
everybody with one (or more) would keep them INSIDE where they will not walk
on my car or dig in my wife's flowers.  I have a trap (legal) and use it.
Missing your cat, look at the local humane building as that is where I
legally leave them.
 Sorry my pet (peeve)
Dave G