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Re: power windows and no docs

It's not as hard as it looks. I think the hardest part is getting the arm 
rest and door panel off. 
2 10mm bolts hold the glass to the regulator.
4 10mm bolts hold the regulator motor to the door chassis
There are then 2 bolts up and 1 in the bottom of the door that keep 
everything in place. The wires are a quick disconnect.
It can be removed either through the front (tall) hole or the longer & lower 
rear opening.
Taping (duct tape) the window up out of the way will help.
Leave the glass bolts and the upper and lower mounting bolts loose until you 
can run the window top to bottom so as to let it all self align, and then 
tighten, and recheck for free travel. HTH.
Glad to help more if you need it. You could call me at home to talk more 
detail if desired.
303-690-1231 H
303-288-6823 W