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Re: tranny search (formerly $#!@ i can't afford this)

i just want to keep you all informed on my progress so that you can tell me
if i am going in the wrong direction.  so far, i have these three options.

1. stock box
pros: OEM  cons: 3rd gear faliure again in future?  expensive.

2. 4kq box
pros: cheaper, vacuum diff, can drive around with my center diff locked (i
don't know why that is good) any others?  cons: have to rig diff lock
switch, any others?

3. used s4 box.  somebody just got it for $131.50 on ebay and i missed it!
oh well, i guess i will stick with the first two.

it is looking like i will be trying to find a 4kq box.  does anybody know
how the gearing and r&p compare to the 80q box?  am i gaining anything
besides added durability and a lockable center diff?  also, what are the
_disadvantages_ to this unit?  does anyone have one to sell me?  thanks a
lot again - you all have been really helpful.  i probably would have sold
the car by now if it weren't for all of the great advice.

-joe brown
1990 80q