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'88 5kcstq no start update II

Hi all,

I looked at my '88 5kcstq again, this time looking more closely for 
vacuum leaks and checking engine grounds.

I tightened many of the hose clamps which were looser than I 
would have them be.  I noticed that the rubber boot/hose/manifold 
that sits on the valve cover and connects some pipes, including 
one that goes down the side of the engine, was completely 
severed.  I tried to hold it in place while cranking, and it didn't seem 
to have an effect.

Also, I only found two grounds from the motor to the chassis.  One 
was a loosely insulated, braided copper strap from the back of the 
valve cover to the firewall, held by the bolt that bolts the stamped 
metal bracket to the wall that holds three terminal connectors.  I 
did my best to clean it off and tighten down the nuts.  It wasn't dirty 
or corroded, and the bracket nut was not loose, but I did tighten it 

The second ground I saw consisted of two small gauge brown 
wires, both terminating in the same ring terminal, which was bolted 
to the top of the intake manifold.  I cleaned and tightened that one 

What I did not see was any other significant engine grounds.  It 
seems like there should be more.

I didn't delve too deeply into the rest of the vacuum/intake system.  
I need to get dirtier, and start ripping parts off to really inspect 
things.  I was thinking I should go ahead and order the rubber piece 
I need, but then again, to save on shipping and hassle, maybe I 
should wait until I look at more things before I place an order.

In summary, I have an '88 5kcstq, 160k, rebuilt 30k ago.  It once 
ran well, until I started it in gear and it lurched.  After that, it either 
won't start, or it will die after starting.  There are no error codes or 
blown fuses (including the "spare" ecu fuse), and I've replaced the 
fuel pump and the fuel filter under the hood (is there another?).  I 
put in new plugs and checked for spark, and the person under the 
hood said there was spark (and commented on how neat the 
sparks picked a different eletrode out of the three each time, so I 
trust that there was spark).  The car just cranks.

I think I need to:  1. check for more vacuum leaks.  3.  check for 
more engine grounds?  2.  jump the fuel pump relay (to close the 
circuit and make the pump pump)  3.  somehow check for fuel 
delivery to the cylinders

Sound like a plan?  Anyone want to fly or drive out to Gilbert, AZ to 
take a look?  I can spring for a ticket if so, depending...

Thanks for the help,

'94 SL2
'88 5kcstq
'85 4ksq