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Funny thing happened on the way to work...(NAC)

So I'm standing in the bus parking lot this morning waiting for the bus.  I
see a red Jeep Wrangler pull in to the lot followed by No.Virginia's finest
with lights a'blazing and pull this Jeep over, no idea what for, prolly
speeding.  Anyway, the passenger in the Jeep jumps out and proceeds towards
the bus stop.  Meanwhile, Mr. Plod jumps out of his cruiser and proceeds
towards the Jeep to talk to the driver.  A handful of folks at the stop are
now watching what's going on.  Mr Plod walks back to the cruiser, again
lights blazing, and tries to open the door.  Hmm, must be locked.  Tries the
drivers side passenger door.  Sorry, it's locked as well.  Goes around,
tries the other doors.  Nope, still no good.  I think Mr. Plod has locked
himself out of his cruiser.  He can't get in.  We're all laughing.  The bus
pulls in, we all get on, we pass Mr. Plod in his locked out cruiser, and
everyone on the bus is laughing.  I'm still laughing.  Oh, and the guy in
the Jeep, he just drove, no ticket.

I wish all tickets were as simple as that to get out of.

Ok, but seriously in retrospect, felt sorry for the guy since folks like him
put their lives on the line everyday, so I'm not laughing anymore.  But it
was funny at the time to see a skit right out of a Keystone Kops movie.

88 80q