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Re: One Hot V8

>From: "Buchholz, Steven" <Steven.Buchholz@kla-tencor.com>
>You didn't say anything about the operation of the electric auxiliary fan
>though.  I'm concerned that this has failed as well, and may have
>contributed to your overheating problem.  When I shut my car down hot I
>often hear the fan running.  It is very noticeable as the computer controls
>the fan speed, so you'll hear it run at high speed for a few seconds and
>then a slower speed for a while longer.  

Yes, I was wondering if the 80A fusible link for the electric fan had blown
on Jame's V8, as I have run across a few V8 owners who have had mild
overheating problems for several years due to the blown link for the
electric cooling fan.

As Steve mentioned, on the V8, the instrument panel computer controls the
speed of the electric radiator fan, by reading the temperature of the
radiator and engine block via the two resistive type temp sensors.

The fusible link is mounted inside a small black box (with a dust cover) on
the drivers side (US) fender inside the engine compartment on the V8. This
is the same fusible link that was used on the mid year 1990 200TQ and on
the 1991 200TQ 20V. 

A photo of this fusible link as installed on the 1991 200TQ can be seen at


Scott Mockry