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Re: VAG software emulator review

>Tim said:
>I have the preBaum -Car Comp- diagnostic software. Did you have any problems
>with communicating with the car computer? I cannot get any use out of this
>software due to this problem. Had I known  the maker of the software was
>going away forever, I would have moved this problem up on the priority list.


What year and model Audi did you try and use the CarComp software with?
Some of the early models (1989-91 Audi 200)'s have had trouble with this

What version of the CarComp VAG1552 emulation software do you have? Before
the CarComp owner went away, he sent me the latest version that was
available at the time 11/3/98 (version 2.07). I originally had version
1.2.53 and had some problems using it. When the software first came out,
several years ago, it would not work on the 1991 200TQ 20V. One local
enthusiast from Seattle WA, actually sent CarComp an ECU from this car, so
CarComp could get the communication to work correctly.

According to Baum Tools, the latest version (VDS Pro) is 2.09, and is
designed to work with the following vehicles:


     PG DIGIFANT I  10/90-Newer 
     RV DIGIFANT I  10/90-Newer 
     2H DIGIFANT I  10/90-Newer 
     9A CIS-E MOTRONIC 10/90-Newer 
     AAA MOTRONIC 2.9/5.9 1992-95/1996-Newer 
     ABA MOTRONIC 2.9/5.9 1992-95/1996-Newer 
     ACC MONO MOTRONIC 1993-Newer 
     All 1998 and newer engines. 


     3A 1989-90 
     3B 1990- 
     7A 1990- 
     AAN 1992 
     ABH YES 
     MC MID 1989 
     MC MID 1989 
     NF California models only 
     NG 1988- 
     PT 1990 
     All 1998 and newer engines. 

But........ so far I can not get this version 2.09 to work on the 89 200TQ
with the dual Knock sensor MC engine, using a 486/66 AST laptop PC, even
though the factory VAG1552 Scan tool WILL communicate with this car. It
could be something I am doing wrong? Has anyone else used this software
successfully on the 1989-90 MC 10V engine?

The former owner of CarComp, John Grable (sp?) or maybe it was Gable,
indicated that the problem on the early cars "may" be due to some Windows
time out conflict that is preventing communication at the slowest baud rate
the VAG1552 uses.

 I am not a wiz with Windows, so I can not verify this. I need to take a
look at the  communication protocol using the factory VAG1552 tool on my 89
200TQ and compare this with the signal being sent by the CarComp/VDS Pro
emulation software in order to understand why it won't work.

Scott Mockry