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Re: 1 Rubbing Tire / Tilted car?!

In a message dated 99-11-16 23:16:41 EST, you write:

<<  best case bad strut mount/bearing.  I
 also tried to get the driver's side front tire to rub in hard cornering but
 I couldn't no matter how hard I drove.  I drive hard to the left and the
 passenger's side front tire will rub.
     My theory, which may be completely wrong, is the strut mount is bad or
 the bottom of the spring is bent/broken.  I have had a wandering problem on
 bumpy highways.  I know that wider tires and lowered car (-60mm) will cause
 certain tracking problems, bumpsteer mainly.  I understand that, yet on
 smooth roads my car tracks like a train on rails without any handling
 problems ever noticable.  If I have a bad strut mount/bearing and hit a bump
 there will be an irregular camber change that may stay irregular until I hit
 another bump.  On a bumpy highway my car seems to REALLY wander above 75mph, 

Before you go chasing broken ghosts, my coupe and quattro both are approx. 
1/4 inch lower on the passeger side due to the 40lb battery located there, as 
well as the A/C units being offset to the passenger side.  That, coupled with 
the lower-weight radiator left the car a bit "tilted", although I've 
experienced no problems with it.  The coil overs solve this problem with 
stiffer springs and adjustable height.

Carter J