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RE: One Hot V8

... your mechanic may indeed be correct, but I can tell you for a fact that
on my 1991 5-speed V8Q I have heard the electric fan run for a few seconds
after shutting the car off.  I was just suggesting that you might want to
confirm that your electric fan is working ... turn on the AC while the car
is running ... because it could very well contribute to an overheating
problem ...

BTW, I see no need to run the radiator fan when the HVAC system is set to
the ECON position (which is what I typically run my car with) since the A/C
compressor is not run.  

The deal with the newer Audi turbocharged cars is that they have an
auxiliary _water_ pump that can pump water through the turbo center bearing
housing after the car is shut off.  When this pump is activated the radiator
fan is also run at a low speed to cool the coolant.  

Many non-turbocharged cars have circuits that enable the radiator fan after
the engine is turned off.  Even though there may be no active pump water can
continue to circulate via convection.  Just because the engine is not
running does not mean that the interior parts of the engine are no longer in
need of cooling.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> -----Original Message-----
> According to my mechanic, the auxiliary fan on the V8 does 
> not operate after
> the car is shut down or if the climate control is in the 
> "OFF" position. If the
> climate control is in the "ECON" or "AUTO" position, then the 
> fan will operate
> when the engine is running ONLY, not when the car is shut 
> down. As I understand
> it, ONLY the turbo equipped Audis allow the fan to run after 
> the engine is shut
> down and this is primarily to assist in cooling the oil to 
> the turbo so it
> doesn't bake. In my case, the aux electric fan was operating properly.