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Re: spark plug and gaps

Orin, are you running high boost pressures? How are they at those levels?
How's warm up and cold starting/driving?

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On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, Orin Eman wrote:

> > Currently, I am experimenting with Autolite copper single elctrode.
> > Resistor plugs, work decently and cheap. I'm going to try some Autolite or
> > delco plats depending on what the electrode construction is. I want a
> > coarse electrode, not a fine one like the Bosch.
> Autolite platinums look like a conventional single electrode plug with
> a little button of platinum on the center electrode.
> They don't burn up like the Bosch platinum's center hair sized electrode -
> better heat sinking ability perhaps.
> Orin.