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other lists and HID

Hi, everyone,

Speaking of other lists, what is going on with the A4 list (www.a4.org)?
Every time I try to log onto it, Netscape says something like the pipe is
too narrow to let any/enough information through or such.  A plumbing

Re.: HID;
 Audi might have somehow different light design than MB or BMW.  They look
to me lense type, like BMW and common sense dictates that lowering
production costs would lead to similar light design (as much as possible).
Anyway, during 2 weeks of driving in Germany last August, I did not
perceive any visual discomfort, caused by any vehicle with HID lights
coming towards me.  And many of them were Audi's.  Haven't driven one
myself yet.

Cheers,                                                         Tihol