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Re: VAG software emulator review

On the net you can find a Company with a program called
I had to use it on a banking system for the communication after
upgrading my PC to PentiumII
They have several options - some for Free -

Here is a copy of their TEXT file:
The Mo'Slo v.1.32b evaluation package should contain four files: this
    file, MOSLO132.TXT, MOSLO132.WRI, and MOSLO.COM.

    Before installing Mo'Slo v.1.32, please print and read MOSLO132.TXT
    or MOSLO132.WRI.

    MOSLO132.WRI is for Windows users and may be read and printed from

    MOSLO132.TXT may be printed on a non-PostScript printer using the
    DOS COPY command -- turn on your printer and enter the following
    DOS command line, substituting the correct drive and path for
    'd:\path\' (you may also need to substitute 'LPT1' or 'LPT2' for
    'PRN', depending on how many printers you have):

           COPY d:\path\MOSLO132.TXT PRN:

    You may view and/or print MOSLO132.TXT from within a text editor,
    but since the file is pre-formatted you must set your printer's
    margins to '0' in order to get a legible printed copy.

    Mo'Slo v.1.32 is intended as a 'preview' of the basic functionality
    of Mo'Slo Deluxe. Mo'Slo Deluxe includes many features not found in
    v.1.32, including speed adjustment in 0.1% increments, speed adjustment
    while running, 'quick load' (slow after load), and the capability to
    run batch files. For more info, visit our WWW site:


    Thanks for trying Mo'Slo!

Claus Vegener
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Fra: Tim Leonard <nard1@voyager.net>
Til: Geordon Seaver <gseaver@home.com>; <quattro@audifans.com>
Sendt: 18 November 1999 06:24
Emne: Re: VAG software emulator review

> That sounds like what I need. I'll try to find this. If anyone knows of
> a program please let me know.
> Thanks, Tim
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> From: Geordon Seaver <gseaver@home.com>
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> Date: Wednesday, November 17, 1999 9:03 PM
> Subject: Re: VAG software emulator review
> >There used to be software programs available that functioned as a "slow
> >down" program--these were necessary due to the advent of very fast
> >processors such as the 486DX25 and the like :~)  Mostly used for games
> >would function for this purpose as well I would think.  Good luck.
> >
> >Geordon
> >
> >Pat Korach wrote:
> >
> >> Cobram . wrote:
> >> >
> >> > "Tim Leonard" <nard1@voyager.net> writes:
> >> >
> >> > >After several attempts I can get connected but only momentarily
> >> > >before losing communication with the cars computer. Any help you may
> >> > give
> >> > >will be appreciated.
> >> >
> >> >
> >> You are correct. I have some Motorola radio programming software.  It
> >> only works with a
> >> 486/25Mhz or slower.  The program will not come up on the screen with a
> >> 586 or faster.
> >> Using a 486/50Mhz it comes up on the screen but I can not talk to the
> >> radio I'm trying
> >> to progam.
> >>
> >> Pat Korach
> >> Kirkland, WA
> >
> >