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RE: 5KCSTQ--hard starting, whirrrrling sound

Sounds like a front wheel bearing. Usually it is the left side
that goes. Second guess, since I can't hear it, the differential
or a differential low on lubricant.

>===== Original Message From "Richard Haroutunian" 
<Richard_Haroutunian@inso.com> =====
>thanks for the response.. don't know -- but I'm going to pull the dipstick
>The whirling sound is real loud and seems to come from under the car-- but
>i can't tell.  Also, it doesn't seem to be related to the engine running at
>all.  For example, if I'm going 50 mph and I let off the gas and put the
>car in N-- the whirling sound is still there-- and it seems to slow down as
>the car slows down.