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Re: VAG software emulator review

Hi Folks (and Tim),
I don't believe slowing things down any more will help.  Dad bought the
VDS-Pro kit and used it very successfully on a Toshiba 486dx50 (4400c is
the model I believe).  We had no trouble connecting it to a PT ('90 V8), so
one would presume a newer ECU would have less trouble.  Dad has the
software, so I can't tell you which version it is.  Perhaps there are other
Good luck,

At 12:36 AM 11/18/1999 -0500, Tim Leonard wrote:
>I'm back already. Version 2.0.6 on a '95 S6 OBD1. I have the "special"
>connector for the OBD1 hookup. From what others are suggesting I need to
>slow my Toshiba Satellite 486-40mhz, down.
>Thanks, Tim