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Re: airbag, Dealer scam or Dead bag. Was: One Hot V8

Hairy green toads from Mars made PlyBoyDoct@aol.com say:

> The thing is that the airbag light wasn't on and it wouldn't stay on after 
> starting or any abnormal behaviors.  Worked fine from where i was seeing 
> it(AFAK, of course).  AoA kept on sending me mail telling me to take my car 
> in for the airbag recall.  After  the recall the light came on and stayed on. 
>  dealer told me the module that was replaced is suppose to detect problems in 
> the airbag, and in this case, there was.  Kinda fishy.  But what can I do?  I 
> told them to put the old module back in so I won't have that annoying light 
> and they told me it was illegal.  They they promptly told me that the Silver 
> 99' S4 was for sale for MSRP.  Oh well....


Tell them that this is COMPLETELY unacceptable, and that you wish
to speak to an AoA rep about it. And follow through if needed.
It will take a few weeks to schedule a rep to visit, but they
will listen.

This is a critical safety component of your car. They screwed it
up, they HAVE to fix it. Don't turn the light off.


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