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Re: what was first year of the A8 in the US?

Sachelle Babbar wrote:
> By the way, I do have the 95 catalog and 95 us v8 posters.
> A8's were out in Europe in 97, but we never got them here until a couple
> of years after. AoA was extensively testing them through their dealer
> network (as I saw and questioned my local dealer friend) and I saw the
> promo vehicles in late 97. They were very obviously test/show vehicles.

Wrong, I  lived in Australia in early '95 and saw several, they were
certainly out in europe earlier than that. In the UK there are quite a
variants; from a 12v 2.8 to a 4.2Q, the low end models are available
or without Quattro. OTOH in Germany they now get a V8 diesel!


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