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More Info : Wheel Offset Question : Audi 80 Vs. Civic

I looked at the wheels in question today and I noticed they 
have a dual pattern. I am really hoping that the second 
pattern is 4 x 108. The second pattern was larger than the 
first. Is there a pattern that lies between 4x100 and 4 x 108. 
I'll probably get to know Monday when I take in my car, the
mech says he will try to see if they will fit. 

Mike Theuri
88 80Q 

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Subject: RE: Wheel Offset Question : Audi 80 Vs. Civic

I think the Honda is a 4x100 bolt pattern. Will fit a VW or
a 4ks but not the quattro.


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Subject: Wheel Offset Question : Audi 80 Vs. Civic

There's a 90-something Honda Civic at my mech's that 
was recently totalled. It has some excellent wheels and
even then my mech isn't selling it but a friend of a friend
is parting it out and I was wondering if any knows whether 
the wheels of the 88 80Q and the Civic four bolt patterns
have the same offset of 108. Thanks 

Mike Theuri