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My new (to me) 5k Turbo

I just walked away with a 85 5k turbo. Very straight body, we won't talk
about the clearcoat :). The car has a defunct battery but other than that
the engine will need some love ( read serious tune up ) but also is a strong
runner. The auto tranny has some slippage but only at WOT. The car needs the
basic bushings and suspension upgrades. Excellent brakes, my wife almost
rear ended me with our berretta.  The interior is questionable but for $500
I feel like I walked away the winner. Thank you to all who answered my
remedial questions, You have been very helpful.

btw... the car is licsened till july

Richard Miller
85 Audi 5000s Turbo
83 Mazda RX-7 slightly modified
81 Mazda RX-7 awaiting boost