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FS: Kamei Grill (for '92-'96 100/A6/S4/S6 (except 1996 A6)

Hi all,

Price: $129 obo + shipping

Blau says it fits '92-'96 100/A6/S4/S6  (except 1996 A6) **:  Kamei mesh
grill from Blau, paid $149 + $28 for audi-rings to fit Kamei w/ clips, + $10
shipping = $187.  New condition in box. (note: gross-looking Kamei plastic
badge removed.)

Installation is ultra-simple. Just slip on some rubber slip-fit stripping
around the opening  in the car, tip the grill into the opening, two
snap-clips pop into place and you're done. Fits quite accurately and firmly
in the opening.  Mounting an S-car badge is easy, just take off the two nuts
& plastic backing plate, insert the badge's
studs between mesh, put nuts/plate back on.

http://www.audiquattroparts.com/Kamei/kamei%20audi%20all.htm , then click on
"100, S4, A6 1992-96"  for a so-so picture (top one). Looks better in

Why selling? After mounting it briefly (overnight), I changed my mind and
decided to stick with factory look... because the next day I confirmed that
I had
scored some euro 17" AVUS wheels, (which I had given up hope for). Now I
find out Blau won't take it back because I procrastinated and I took off the
Kamei badge.

** In case Blau's fitment info is not totally accurate, here's the
measurements + or - an eighth or so, so you can check your own opening.  If
it doesn't fit, money back.

   widest width near top corners = 29.5"
   width between bottom corners (at apex of) = 27.5"
   height at center = 7"

'92 S4