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RE: ABS sensor wanted

Paul, mine got mangled as well when I replaced the wheel bearing, it was
really corroded in there.  I would bet that it is going to be virtually
impossible to get a used one because they are probably all seized in
there and will get destroyed trying to take them out.  This is just a
guess though, and I wish you luck in finding a used one.

Stephane Livolsi
180 Yorston St
Williams Lake, BC, V2G 3Z1
ph 250-392-2637
fax 250-392-2693

'86 5KTQ stock (if you don't know what it means, you aren't in the club)

>From: 	Paul Hill[SMTP:phill@avici.com]
>Sent: 	November 17, 1999 8:43 AM
>To: 	quattro@audifans.com
>Subject: 	ABS sensor wanted
>The left rear ABS sensor on my 1986 5000 CSTQ got mangled and needs
>replacing. Linda quoted me $153 which is more (much more) than I want to
>spend on this function on this car. Is anyone breaking a 5KCSTQ or know of
>a source for this part cheap? I don't see why a used one wouldn't be just