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Re: Long Distance Trip

> Do you happen to recall your MPG? Any oil consumption?

I was stopping to re-fuel every 500mi, so it was approximately 26-28mpg,
which is not bad at all considering that I was driving steady 75-80mph.
Unfortunately, I can't get any better than 18-19mpg in a city driving.
I never had to add any oil. My car doesn't burn oil even now, two years and
many thousand miles later.

> P.S. WHAT kind of _business_ are you in that requires a "wonderful street
> racer"?   =8^o
Oh, just engineering. What did you think? :)  Now, after I had an egg all
over my face, let's call it late night
slip-of-the-keyboard :)

'88 5KCDTQ (Canadian)  306K km (190Kmi)