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RE: Stuff FS

> What I would like to do with my car is to change over the ECU to be
> something like a MAC-11, so that I can add the WGFV for boost control and
> knck sensing in the ignition.  It should then be possible to go to a newer
> technology turbo (perhaps like one of the ceramic bearing jobs that Ron Wood
> has discussed) and have a pretty potent motor that still looks and behaves
> like the engine in a 1983 Audi Quattro Turbo Coupe come smogcheck time.  I
> seriously doubt that I will have time to actually do this any time in the
> forseeable future, but it is nice to dream.

Audi produced a variant of the MAC-11 for the ur-quattro MB engine - it's
called the MAC-12D.  No emission controls, though.  It uses both a WGFV
and a fuel frequency valve.  Single knock sensor.

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