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4kq quick fix

Well my 84 4kq decided to not start tonight, dark cold and I brought no jacket.  Fortunatly only 1mi from home.  I got a ride, hitched up the trailer (nice to have one) grabbed a jacket, testlight, flashlight and hammer as before I left I found that I had good spark and no fuel pump.  I did try a jumper wire in the relay as I always carry one.
  The testlight showed no power to the fuel pump and confirmed there was power at the relay, so fortunatly as I have seen the connection in the fuel pump circut that is under the rear seat fail before I checked that and after the wife drove it home and five minutes later it was fixed and I was inside :)
  Moral of the story is to remember there is a connection under teh rear seat.  And if you wondered what the hammer was for, sometimes a fuel pump that has quit will work if hit.
 I suppose I could consider this a time it left me stranded, but I think if it were not so easy to grab tools and a jacket I would have figured it out before giving up.
 Dave G  
3x  4kq's  250k+ on this one