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Turbo/injector after run cooling fan, 200t10v

Hello all,
This is my first post to qlist.

I purchased my first Audi about 15 mo ago, 89 200t10v  87k-miles ,  then 6
mo ago a 90 90q20v for my daughter.
I have lots of questions but will post the questions separately as I have
time over the next few weeks.
The saga:
My coolant temp gauge stopped working, with help from SJM's websight (great
sight),  I traced the problem to the multi-function switch.
Coolant had been leaking (very slow) from under the hose clamp atop the
t-stat housing and ran to the mf-switch, which over time took out the
connectors to the mf-switch.  

When I pulled the connector off the switch, all the leads pulled out because
they were so corroded.  The Tulsa Audi parts guy gave me a old connector
(taken from a 87-5kcst I think), I replaced the mf-switch doing the best I
could to figure out which wire went where, because the wire colors of the 5k
connector did not match the wires of my 2ct).  After a few trial an error
attempts (and a few sparks) the gauge works fine.  However I was not sure
about the other wires, but everything seemed to work ok, well, except for
the speedometer, which now had stopped working.  

At that time I checked the fuses (at least I thought I checked them good
enough) but could find nothing.  I assumed that it was my trial/error
attempts at wiring the mf-switch that caused the problem.  I even took the
car to the Audi dealer to have the mf-switch wiring looked at and a
diagnogistic on the speedometer.  He said the mf wiring was right and speed
sender unit was OK, and said I needed a new speedometer unit in the
inst-cluster for +$500.  Got some help from Steve Buchholz (through
searching archive info on audifans looking for a used Bentley manual) and
purchased a Bentley at thepartsconnection.com for $109.  Meanwhile 9 weeks
go by (I got good at driving by feel, no speeding tickets).
Now as fall is here, it gets dark outside in the early am,  I notice my
backup lights don't work.  Guess what, the fuse was blown,  I changed the
fuse and go my marry way the next morning with backup lights. About 15 miles
down the road I look down and notice my speedometer working, I now break out
in rejoicing.  Of course, then after a minute I felt stupid for not finding
the blown fuse 9 weeks earlier,  then I felt mad because the Audi tech did
not find it, and would have gladly taken my $500 for a new one, then I got
glad again and just chalked it up as a learning exp.

With all that said, after stumbling into SJM's web sight, I found out about
the after-run cooling system.
I had never noticed my after-run fan coming on the whole time I've owned the
car.  So now I go about getting this thing working.
After study in the Bentley, I determined that power should be at the
AR-switch all the time, however mine only powered up when the ignition
switch was turned on.  The relevant fuse did have power all the time,
however there was no continuity between the switch (nor the ar fan motor)
and the fuse terminals (also there was no power at the injector cooling
switch unless the IG-switch was on).  I figured there must be a wire broken
somewhere between the fuse block and the switches.  At this time I
determined the injector fan motor does not even come on if I jump power
directly to the motor, so I guess it needs replaced.

Well, since the fuse panel is so hard to get at,  I decided to bypass the
fuse with a new wire direct from the battery to the ar-fan motor. I put a
25amp fuse in-line on my new wire and cut the old lead to the fuse block
(just outside the fire wall).  Now the after run cooling system works fine.
The fan/pump comes on for a minute or so after the car is stopped, even with
the key out.

I have not gotten to the injector cooling fan motor yet.

The car now has about 125K.  (I have put about 33K on since I bought it 15
mo ago).

My questions:

1.  Do you think my turbo is going to have problems because the ar-system
was not functional for a long time (at least a year)? Should I do anything
to the turbo?

2. What abut the injector cooling fan, am I hurting the injectors buy not
having the fan working yet?  (I just now remembered that the previous owner
had the injectors replaced a few months before I bought the car, I bet the
fan was not working prior to that).

3. Should the Inj-fan blow after the car is off similar to the turbo ar

4. How much should I pay for a injector fan motor?

5. Do you think I should take the trouble and find the broken connection to
the fuse block and un-do my bypass wire?

6. Why are Audi's addictive when they are so much trouble and so
complicated?  (Audis must be female??)

Well, I will post my other questions some other time.  
Thanks for reading this novel.

Les Reid,