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re Snow Tires

Jenny Curtis <jenny@physics.spa.umn.edu> of Eurotrash Princess fame, asked
about snow tires:

<big snip>

I recently bought Hakka Q's for my S6 in order to see if they were less
squirmy on dry pavement than the Yoko Guardex 600s I use on my 90qs.  (I
figured that the S6 had a higher polar moment of inertia and would be more
sensitive to squirminess.  Note that the Guardex 600s are very good in snow
and ice.)  I've driven on the HQs now for only three days on dry pavement,
and they still have their "fur," so I can't really comment on performance.
They are less squirmy, however, then the Yokos.  This is presumably due to
their twisted sipes.  Also - surprise - 205-60/15 HQs have lower dry
pavement traction than 225-50/16 Bridgestone S-02s.  Interestingly, they
complain, loudly, when braked to the point of not-quite ABS actuation.  I
will report when I have useful rain and snow data, and all the mold-release
agent is gone and the fur has flown.

Kirby A. Smith   New Hampshire USA
1988 90q Titanium gray, 185 kmi
1988 90q Stone gray, 187 kmi 
1995 S6 Pearl effect, 83 kmi