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SOURCE: Porsche Cars North America Inc.

Porsche Applauds Congress' Passing of Cyberpiracy Bill

ATLANTA, Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Porsche Cars North America Inc. (PCNA),
is presently battling hundreds of cyberpirates who have registered
Internet domain
names that attempt to capitalize on the worldwide fame of the trademark
Porsche®. Cyberpirates engage in the predatory and parasitical practice
of including Porsche® in a
domain name in order to attract Internet traffic to hard-core porn
sites, in order to give themselves instant recognition on the Internet,
in order to extort money from Porsche
Cars, or in order to otherwise take advantage of the goodwill that
Porsche has developed in one of the most recognized brands throughout
the world. With the rapid explosion of the Internet, competition for
the attention of the nearly 200 million web users is fierce, and trading
on the goodwill of famous trademarks is one way for web site operators
to get noticed.

``Famous trademarks such as Porsche® are some of the most important
assets of well-known corporations,'' noted Patricia R. Britton, General
Counsel of Porsche Cars North America. ``Porsche has spent
millions in promoting its trademarks. Porsche simply cannot afford to
have its world renowned name tarnished and diluted by the unauthorized
misappropriation of its trademarks in domain names on the

The Cyberpiracy Bill provides for statutory damages of $100,000 per
domain name against cyberpirates who register domain names that include
famous trademarks. ``Such damages will deter the thieves and
cyberpirates who steal the good name and reputation that Porsche has
worked so hard to develop,'' continued Patricia R. Britton. ``Porsche
Cars led the battle on Capitol Hill in pressing for passage of the
Bill. Porsche Cars applauds Congress for recognizing so quickly the
irreparable damage that cyberpirates are inflicting on consumers and the
public when they take advantage of famous trademarks. This Bill
will provide Porsche with a much needed tool in waging its ongoing
battle against cyberpirates.''

``The Internet is no longer the domain of the Department of Defense or
academia,'' noted Gregory D. Phillips, outside trademark litigation
counsel for Porsche Cars who testified before Congress on behalf of
Porsche. ``Rather, the Internet is becoming a significant commercial
player. As the Internet increasingly becomes a major player in the
commercial world, the Internet must become subject to the rules of the
commercial world. Domain names are the functional equivalents of
corporate or business names, store-front signs, or telephone listings.
The real commercial world does not allow unauthorized persons to use
famous trademarks in corporate or business names, on store-front signs,
or in telephone listings. The same rules that apply in the real
commercial world must also apply in cyberspace.'' 

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