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5ktq exhaust braccket

Hi all,
My 87 5ktqs exhaust bracket has corroded away. It is the one that connects 
from a bracket on the rear of the trans/front diff to the rear mounting bolts 
of the cat. I bought the two parts of the bracket. Removing the drivers side 
was no problem, just remove the nylock nut. But the passenger side appears to 
be a problem as there does not seem to be sufficient room to get the attached 
bolt out of the bracket holder. Any BTDT information would be greatly 

By the way, my endeavor was greatly eased by making prints from the Family 
Album and bringing them with me to show the parts guy. It was an absolute 
godsend at the VW/Pontiac dealer where I had to get upgraded door lock parts 
for my sons 95 Golf3. When he brought back an incorrect item we simply 
referred to the Family Album text to find the correct PN.


John Katos
87 5ktq