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Re: More Info : Wheel Offset Question : Audi 80 Vs. Civic

In a message dated 99-11-20 10:20:55 EST, you write:

<< Euro Ford, Saab 9000 and some Audis are almost the only cars
 to have 4x108..

Pre Cobra 93 Mustangs run 4x108, although the offset is more than way off.  
All pre VR6 and post air-cooled VW's run 100's, even the quantum syncro, as 
do Honda, some BMW models, and some acura models.  The centers on Acura and 
Honda wheels are different than VW, and may need to be machined in order to 
fit VW's.  Nissan also ran 4x100 on a few models, as did Mazda.

Carter J