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New S4 For Sale - Canuck Ver.

Dalmar in London has a new S4 (Nogaro Blue) with the Alcantara interior 
(IMO clashes with the Nogaro).  Canadian options (no xenon lights).  You 
could probably take it for $54k Canadian (reg $56k) - guess who ever 
ordered it didn't like it.

Wife drove it and didn't like the colour/color either so she has ordered 
the A6 2.7T with 6 speed.  However there was some confusion as to whether 
the 6 speed will be available here so if it turns out it is not then she's 
going to wait to see about the TT "S" or as we were told today, perhaps an 
S6 for the fall.

After today's visit, I'm soooooo confused on what is, might be, will be and 
eventually delivered to the Canadian market.  Even the Dealer is just as