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1987 5KCSTQ For Sale

Hello all:

The acquisition of an A6Q means my 1987 5KCSTQ is for sale.  I have noticed
a number of
posts looking for parts for this particular year.  Guess what?...I have a
complete set of them 
plus a few spares.  Car has 248,000 miles on it. I was going to take it
apart and build a 
super quattro out of it but time and money make this unfeasible now.  So
I'm only looking for
$1000.00 for it.  The car comes with BBS "mesh style" wheels and a set of
winter wheels and tires.
The following have been replaced within the last 2 years.
A/C Compressor
A/C Compressor clutch
The "Bomb"
Heater blower motor
Spark plug wires & full tune up w/Bosch +4 plugs

The following systems are in perfect working order except where noted:
All power windows.
Power mirrors
Seats (driver's side ripped (have spare) (heaters in drivers side
inop...everything else works)
HVAC system (heater core N/G...leaks...currently bypassed)
Fuel System
Fuel injection
Brakes (all new rotors & master cylinder...Need bleeding)
Clutch PP & throw out bearing (New at 169,000)
New slave cylinder
New Starter
5-Speed Transmission (rebuilt by Audi at 169,000)
All electrical systems
Radiators leaks slightly (have new one)
Motor has no leaks and does not use any oil

Comes with spare copper radiator (new...never installed) spare wiper rack
frame (don't ask)
spare driver's seat (see above)

Car needs:

CV Joints, Brake bleeding, radiator and driver's seat installed.  
Car is registered, insured and passes both smog & safety inspections.
Yes...you can drive it away. 

If you're interested call Sandy Duffy @ 203-238-9452 or E-mail me at