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RE: sad, sad news - happy ending - are you sure?

But would you want that car back?  Who knows what happened to it while
it was missing....
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>From: 	Brett Dikeman[SMTP:brett@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net]
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>Subject: 	Re: sad, sad news - happy ending
>At 2:04 PM -0800 11/19/99, c a l i b a n wrote:
>>	the woman who brought it in had "rented" it from someone
>>	and since it had no license and had a royal motors sign
>>	in the plate spot she brought it to royal to see who
>>	to return it to.
>And the mystery "renter" is?
>Whoever this person is that "rented" the car, she doesn't sound very
>>  tomorrow she's going to bring in the
>>	key from home and simply quietly drive it out of the
>>	dealer's lot if sf's finest cannot pull their heads out
>>	of their hineys.
>BAD idea.  Any cop will tell you, DON'T drive a vehicle that's been 
>reported as stolen.  Report it as found, have the police -come-, 
>confirm, cancel the stolen report, and THEN drive the car home.  Make 
>the call from a cell phone and say "I found my car!  Send someone!" 
>and they should.
>Otherwise, fuzz pull you over on road, arrest you for driving a 
>stolen vehicle, particularly if you aren't the -exact- owner of the 
>vehicle(ie, it's registered to your significant other/spouse.)  Then 
>vehicle gets impounded, etc.etc.
>That report could very well be found by SF's finest half way between 
>the dealership and your house.
>Play along with the police, get the dealership to lean on them.  You 
>may very well end up with the satisfaction of seeing the thief in 
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