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89 200q FS

Now that my heater core is done, I'm down to cosmetics. This means my 89
200q is officially fer sale. Mechanically excellent - just put about
1200.00 in it over the last month to redo worn out bushings, wheel
bearings, transverse links, tie rod ends, etc. Previous owner was from
New York so it has snow brush scratches in the clearcoat. 206K, Pearl
w/black sport seats.
$5500.00 includes the V8 tail redo, 16" A8/A4 rims,  Momo wheel, euro
headlights, Avi alternator. Lower price means less goodies. Fer instance
- 4800 and I'll keep the rims and put something else on for you. I'm
flexible, will dicker a bit but not too far. This is at least $2-3K
under what I've got in it. Prefer selling before the end of January.
I'll post it here first. After that the marketplace, then elsewhere. I'd
much prefer it went to a lister. More info if requested.

Dave Head
89 200q 206K - fer sale
90 V8q 106K - why its fer sale...