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Re: 1990 V8 and Transmission Shift

In a message dated 11/21/99 1:45:09 PM !!!First Boot!!!, rrolston@reach.net 

<< Transmission in Sport Mode. Should it shift to the same high gear at steady
 highway cruising speed as the economy mode or is Sport mode top gear just
 lower? If I am driving at 120 kph in Sport mode and shift to Economy the
 transmission seems to shift up two gears. This is the first auto.
 transmission car I have owned so I am not sure how it is supposed to
My 90 v8 (build date 10/89) works the same way. I understand that the 
transmission was modified later in the 1990 production year.
>From early press reviews on the '90v8, while in the sport mode the tranny 
won't upshift to the top gear until at a very high speed - something like 
120mph. As a result, I've gotten used to working the sport / economy switch 
as part of my normal driving. When you shift from sport to economy the car 
does seem to upshift 2 gears. It might be one gear & then it locks the torque 
Bernie Dubin
'90 v8q
'90 miata b