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Fw: 100 (fwd) tranny

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From: Andy Schor <andycq@capslock.net>
To: <quattro@audifans>
Sent: Sunday, November 21, 1999 11:16 PM
Subject: 100 (fwd) tranny

> A friend has a '91 100 Auto (4sp) with 151k miles.
> Started shifting harshly around spring time of this
> year he changed atf twice in summer and once
> before that for the first time in nov. 98' at 120k mi
> the car has 151k mi on it presently.Does this sound
> like the tranny should be rebuilt? Or could this be
> some type of electrical/computer malfunction?
> The reason he questions the need to rebuild is
> that sometimes when he starts the car and drives
> it shifts smoothly and other times even in the same
> day it goes back to this  harsh jerky konk sounding
> shifting especially when coming to a complete stop
> please HELP he cannot afford to pay for a rebuild
> and find out it wasn't necessary and didn't fix the
> problem Your prompt response would be very well
> appreciated. I Thank You.
> Andy (for Bob)
> '90 CQ 166k
> '87 745Ti 203k