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Re: Buying '94 100S - regular vs premium gas / what to check for

--- Dwomby@aol.com wrote:
> I am about to buy a '94 100S with 70,000miles on it.  I would
> appreciate some 
> advice, please.
> I see it is supposed to take premium gas.  Will it run on regular? 
> What's 
> the downside of regular - for example, pinging, loss of power, fuel
> economy, 
> engine damage?   
> Any tips on things I should pay special attention to checking before
> I buy 
> one of these?
> Thanks
> David Womby
> Portsmouth, NH

The '94 is certainly the most sorted of the '92-'94 100 series. The
'95+ A6 had several upgrades that make it a more desirable car,
however, it was unavailable with a 5-speed transmission if that is
important to you. 

Things to look for:
1. Check all of the electrical accessories (ie, windows, sunroof,
mirrors, seats, radio, tape player, cd player, etc), this is a european
car after all.

2. Check the Climate Control (if applicable) by performing the
following: with the car running, press and hold the recirc button and
the upper air flow button (these are on the right hand side of the CC
unit and are the top and bottom buttons), when the temp window changes
to "01", press the recirc button again. The fan speed window will
change to a number... 00.0 indicates that the CC is functioning
normally, anything else indicates a problem.

3. Make sure that the timing belt has been changed. Some shops will
tell you that the 2.8 V6 is slated for a timing belt change every 90k
miles.. stick with 60k as a rule. A timing belt change is not cheap

4. You should not see a "check engine" light when the car is running.
Most likely due to bad oxygen sensors which are not expensibe, but you
don't want to have to do anything with a new-to-you car.

5. Any leaks in the engine bay? Check the water pump for leaks. Look at
the left side of the engine, is it wet? It might be the power steering
leaking, the hose runs down the top left side. Remove the decorative
cover (4 half twist screws), is there any oil in the valley between the
cylinder banks? Valley pan gasket ($$$). Is there any oil down the back
of the engine? Head gasket ($$$). Granted, these things are rare on the
'94, but they're all too prevelant on the '92, so it should be checked

6. There should be a lower cowl (big black plastic cover) that runs
under the engine. These things are "lost" all the time, but are
necessary for simple things like wind noise and aerodynamics. It should
be there, but it's not the end of the world if it's not.

7. Watch the coolant temperture while you're driving, if the guage goes
dead at any time, the multi-function sensor needs replacing.

8. Check the oil level. It is very important that the '92-'94 V6's
maintain proper oil levels to keep the head lubricated. The '95+ A6 has
a different and more competent oiling system for just this reason. The
V6 can burn oil, and it's ok, you just have to stay on top of it. 

9. If this is an auto transmission 100, make sure that the shifts are
smooth. Audi trannys are not cheap.

10. Ask if the airbag recall and the fuel injector recalls have been
performed. The Airbag is a definite, the fuel injector recall might not
be necessary; get the vin and ask a dealer.

11. Other than that, just the usuals... tire wear should be even, the
car should track in a straight line, the brakes should stop in a
straight line, the engine shouldn't overheat, etc.

As far as which type of fuel to use... stick with the premium. Audi
isn't just stating premium gas for nothing. The '95+ A6 does not
require premium, the '92 DEFINITELY does. I'm not sure about the '94,
but if it says premium in the manual, then stick with it. What are you
going to save? Pennies, maybe? At what cost.. Audi engines and parts
are EXPENSIVE, don't try and save money where it's not warranted.

If I think fo anything else... I'll post it. 

Sean Ford
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd non-q
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