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Re: Speaker wiring

At 09:34 99-11-22 -0600, Mark L. Chang wrote:

>> the same phase. Is there a simple test I can do to determine if the
>> speakers are not out of phase? I don't have the wiring schematics for the
>Yes, there is a simple test.  Remember, that a passive or active crossover
>can also distort phase a little, but that's not your question.
>You can take a small 1.5V AA battery and apply it (momentarily) to the
>speaker wire in question.  Watch the direction the cone travels on your
>speaker (ie. out or in).  

will this method work if my speakers are connected through a crossover? Can
I hurt the crossover if I connect 1.5V to it?

Aleksander Mierzwa
Warsaw, Poland
87 5KT