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Re: Audi Avus Quattro - legend or fact?

 "Livolsi, Stephane" <livols1@investorsgroup.com> wrote:

>I have seen (and bought) the Hot Wheels Avus Quattro car.   This is the
>only place I have ever seen a reference to this car.  Is it a concept
>car that was never produced or what?  Anybody know?

You said it- it was too expensive to produce at the moment, just intended
to serve as a showcase for Audi's knowledge of aluminium space frames.

There are a couple of scale models of the Avus which are more detailed than
the HotWheels model- there's an incredible Rietze 1:87, but my favourites
are the 1:43 and 1:18 Revell models. Opening doors, detailed interior and
even space frame.


Tom Nas
Zeist, The Netherlands
1987 Audi 90q (NG engine)