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RE: Reuse of head bolts ...

>From the Bentley;

"Do not retorque polygon head bolts at 1000 miles following repairs. (as per
Jim) Polygon cylinder head bolts can be reused after making repairs and do
not have to be replaced"


1990 200TQ

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Actually 6 pt bolts are reusable but Audi say don't use them at all anymore,
use ONLY 12 pt bolts (Audi/VW call these polygon bolts). The 12 pt bolts are
stretch bolts and they are reusable but when replaced they must be replaced
in complete sets. 12 pt bolts do not require re-torque after 1000 miles as
do the 6 pt bolts. ARP or Raceware bolt/studs are also stretch fasteners and
are reusable. As a tech at a VW/Audi dealer when they switched from 6 pt to
12 pt I had mixed feelings. I no longer had to try to get a customer to
bring their car back in a 1000 miles for a re-torque after a repair but I
also got less time to do a 1000 mile service (easy money) on a new car. The
12 pt bolts are fine for most any engine, custom high performance use
Raceware or ARP or such.
Jim Dupree

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		> my understanding is that if your bolts have the 12-point
spline heads on
		>  them they are not stretch bolts and can be reused.
		>  since our experience is coincident, i can't help you much
more than that...

		Nah, that'd be backwards. The olde style 6pt(hex) head bolts
are reusable
		while the 12pt ones are not recommended to be so. You can
get away with it,
		but why risk a gasket failure due to uneven clamping force
from a tired 2$
		bolt? The OEM bolts are good enough for all but the most
highly modified 10vt
		motors, esp set up with a torque angle gauge and calibrated

		Chris Semple
		coupla q's, mostly 12pt bolts