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Re: Hydraulic pump rebuild - Babbitt?

You sure it was Babbitt bearing, Dave?  Maybe it was a bushing made by
whitemetal or potmetal casting.  Babbitt normally is poured in place with a
removeable mold, and I'd be real surprised if whoever supplied the pump for
Audi took the time and trouble to cast each bearing, especially since
Babbitt only makes a decent bearing if supplied continuously with oil.  If
it was a whitemetal bushing, your home-made replacement might work just
fine.  I think all the sealing against hydraulic oil loss for that part of
the pump is done inside.

Kneale Brownson

At 09:03 PM 11/21/99 -0700, dave wrote:
>> I tore apart my leaky pump only to find that the front bearing (a
>> babbitt bearing - can you say cheap?) was very worn and of course, no
>> replacement is available from Audi. This wear was due to a too-tight
>> drive belt. Make sure yours is not!
>> So, I went and got a sintered bronze bushing (non-metric naturally, but
>> about $1) and tried to file/sand it to fit. It fits, but is not exactly
>> a machined part, so I've no idea how long it will last in there.
>> If a bearing of the right size could be found or made, it is EZ to
>> replace. Somebody must make it for AUDI. I think this would make the
>> rebuild complete.
>> Any machinists or old car types out there know how to make or find
>> babbitt bearings?
>> Dave
>> 86-5kCDtq, only 242 km's
>> 99 Odyssey, not worth 9 of the above