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RE: K24 finally installed in 1986 5000cstq

Eric said:

> On 11-18-99  "Kaklikian, Gary" Gary.Kaklikian@Compaq.com wrote: >
> >We just put the K24 from my 4000 on my '86 5000, which is stock except
> for 
> >TAP chip, wg spring, and bypass valve. I agree - what a great improvement
> in 
> >low-end, midrange, smoothness, throttle response, etc! Seems like a new
> car! 
> >Conversely, the K26 works MUCH better on my 4000 (dual knock sensor 
> >high-compression motor) than the K24 did.
> My engineering nature wants to understand why there is a difference in 
> bahavior for the k24 vs. k26 turbos with the MC-1 vs. MC-2 engines.
> The lower compression ratio, single knock sensor (MC-1) benefits from 
> quicker spool up using the k24 in place of the k26. I have not 
> experienced any downside from using a k24 in my 5000cstq (MC-1) at 1.8 
> bar maximum boost.
> What performance characteristics improve when using the k26 in place of
> the 
> k24 in the dual knock sensor, high-compression motor (MC-2)?
> Does the higher compression ratio of the MC-2 produce hotter exhaust
> gasses 
> that possess more energy to spool up the k26 sooner than the MC-1 can?
> What does the boost vs. rpm data look like for the various engine/turbo 
> combinations?
Did anyone answer the K24 vs. K26 in a MAC-14/MC-2 car??  As I now have the
latter, I was curious.  I'm having delusions of 2.2 bar, single pass I/C,
2-piece EM, and a stock RS2 turbo on my 1990 tqa (or saying screw it and
buying a 1991tqa...).

> Gary M. Lewis
> 1990 200tqa Silver/Platinum 146km 1.8 bar P6000 SVR, Bilsteins, BPV
> 1986 5kcstqa Sapphire/Platinum 180km Stock