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FS 1986 tq wagon

Mine I sadly must say.  :^(

Just bought a new (and rather large) house and wife would like it to go away
(even tho' it has a 3 car garage.)  I have CC'd my wife.  For some reason
she thinks I don't want to sell it...  ;^)

Here's the deal.  It isn't a pristine car.  I bought it to restore, and have
put about $1,000 into it.  It has great potential.  It is Sapphire and
Platinum.The motor is in nice shape, new (and I mean brand new) fuel pump,
new clutch, a bunch of new cooling hoses, Blau in dash cassette (that I
changed from green to orange, kinda cool), CD changer.

What it needs.
Rack leaks, rear diff is howling (have a replacemet, thanks Chris Semple!!),
A/C inop (may just need a charge), front seats need a restitch, two window
regs, cracked pass headlight, and a list of the usual little stuff.  Drivers
door is dented (I can get a sapphire replacement for cheap or free), dash is
cracked (I may have one of those as well cheap or free).

You could easily drive this thing cross country tho' (I'd replace the diff

Price is $2,000 FIRM.

Gary M. Lewis
1990 200tqa Silver/Platinum 146km 1.8 bar P6000 SVR, Bilsteins, BPV
1986 5kcstqa Sapphire/Platinum 180km Stock