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RE: Identification and nomenclature

Frank said;

> At 12:28 PM 11/21/99 +0100, Tom Nas wrote:
> >Eyvind Spangen <eyvind.spangen@c2i.net> wrote:
> >>In addition, the bumpers and the chrome trim is a bit different, but I
> >>don't remember how..
> >
> >The European 200 20vs had the US 5mph bumpers.
> i suspect they needed the extra space for plumbing the single pass
> intercooler.
> frank
Not saying you are right or wrong, but the Family Album show a 10v single
pass IC as well.  When did Euro Q's get them US spec bumpers???

Gary M. Lewis
1990 200tqa Silver/Platinum 146km 1.8 bar P6000 SVR, Bilsteins, BPV
1986 5kcstqa Sapphire/Platinum 180km Stock