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FS: G60 Calipers, ISV, and more...

    Somewhat of a garage sale.  I am starting to run out of money and it's
time to rid myself of stuffs I don't need anymore.  All funds go to my
charity:  The Help a Broke College Student Fund >;-)

    G60 Calipers:  Off a '86 5ktq.  Calipers w/ used pads, wear sensor
harnesses, carriers, and all little bolts 'n' pieces.  Not sure if they need
to be resealed, but would be advisable.  One caliper and carrier is cleaned
extremely well, the other I never got around to.  Both bleeder valves open
properly.  I bought them for $110 w/ shipping and would like to get around
$90 for them if possible.

    ISV:  Off an '90 90 4 cylinder.  Cleaned by me and does not seem to work
with my engine/fuel system.  I know it worked on the car I got it from,
although my fuel system is so played with I assume that only my ISV has been
adjusted to work with it.  Make me an offer.

    Exhaust Tip:  New, never used.  Large, chrome, oval, and baffled.  2.5"
inlet.  I paid $54.95 for it so would like to get around $40.

    5k Window Parts:  Grab bag of driver's door goodies from a '88 5k.  $10.

    Clutch/Flywheel/Pressure Plate:  Off an 80 4 cylinder.  Got with my used
transmission and have no idea if the clutch/pressure plate was ever changed.
I assume no, so 100,000 miles use maybe.  I would use for my swap but I am
going to get all the new parts I can.  $40

    That's it.  I am flexible to a point on the prices and shipping is at
the cost of the buyer.  Make me an offer that is reasonable and you'll get
it unless someone makes me a better offer within 5 minutes:-)


Alexander van Gerbig
'88 Audi 80 -- Koni Yellows, G&M Springs
HÖR Technologies Sport Hydro Cam, K&N Filter
Borbet Type T, Dunlop SP9000 Sport

The Audi 80 Pages------------------

Katonah, NY 10536