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Re: Rear Defroster

   Well it dumped last night here in Colorado, and I learned this morning that
   my rear defroster is not functioning on my 1989 100q.  Upon examination of
   the rear window, I noticed that one of the three connections to the heating
   elements is not attached.  I think I must have bumped it when I was cleaning
   the rear window last week.

   It appears that I just need to re-solder this loose "plate" to its proper
   location on the side of the heating element.  Any BTDTs or warnings before I
   do this?

Be VERY careful about soldering on a glass-backed element (e.g., rear
window defrosters) -- the point-heat stress on the glass can wreak
horrible damage (glass _may_ shatter "spontaneously" an hour/day/week

I can't say I have a good alternative (conductive glue?) . . . (of
course once the window shatters, just call up your insurance agent to
replace it)