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Re: Audi 80 4 Cylinder using a VW 16V ECU?

Alexander van Gerbig writes:
>     Is it possible or has anyone tried running a VW Passat, GTI, or Jetta
> GLI 16V ECU with an 80 4 cylinder 8V motor?  I remember seeing a mention of
> using a KE-Jetronic 16V ECU in an 8V application is possible with VW's.  The
> benefit seemed to be an extended red-line, 6,200 extended to 7,300!

The higher redline is feasible in the 16V motor because each valve is smaller
and have less inertia.  You risk damage if you overrev your 8V motor that
way.  The factory ECU's rev limiter is set to a certain RPM (for the
particular application) for a reason.

>     KE-Jet and KE-Motronic are extremely similar except the timing is
> controlled by a map in KE-Motronic.  I'd be worried about the timing map
> being extremely different in the KE-Motronic 16V ECU than my 8V ECU.  Anyone
> tried this or got any advice?

The KE-Jetronic uses totally separate ECUs for ignition and fuel.  Your
80's KE-Motronic has one ECU for both.  Your KE-Motronic is the more
advanced design and I don't see why you want to downgrade.  Also, it's
not a plug-and-play operation.  You'd have to redesign the wiring harness
to do such a swap.

I know you are always coming up with creative ideas about "upgrading" your
car, but sometimes, with certain things, it's best to leave well enough

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