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Re: I want to share my pain. THANKS

Fellow listers Hi,

Thank you all for your kind words and support.
The bike's tyres are OK, the YAMAHA has a new battery and I am currently
waiting for some money to be credited into my current account so that major
money spending procedures start in order to first fix the RS2 since it is a
less time and money consuming damage.
thanks to all the listers who have proposed helping with tracing the clutch
master cylinder at a more reasonable price but I can have it immediately
from Greece.
The RS2 has a unique part. It appears being the same as for the other 80 and
90 (4000 in the USA) but since it has the three first digit different I
would prefer to go the safe way.
In addition if I buy the original item from AUDI parts and fit it at a
dealer I will have one year's guarantee against any defects or poor

Thank you again for your kind support and willingness to assist a fellow

Regards from Greece (where winter has finally started)
Pantelis Giamarellos