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Re: Speaker wiring

>> > >You can take a small 1.5V AA battery and apply it (momentarily) to the
>> > >speaker wire in question.  Watch the direction the cone travels on your
>> > >speaker (ie. out or in).

>> > will this method work if my speakers are connected through a crossover? Can
>> > I hurt the crossover if I connect 1.5V to it?
>> Hmmm... Huw?  Help... help?
>> Honestly, I don't know if it'll work through a crossover.  Disconnect it
>> and remember how it's hooked up.  I'd say that it should still work
>> through a passive crossover since that DC voltage is steady-state and
>> should get through to at least the woofer eventually.

> Mark is correct.  the DC won't get to any tweeters, however, and don't
> try this with an active crossover.  Also don't try it *through* an
> amplifier...

We used to check phase by hooking the speakers up before mounting them.
If you get a (preferably mono) source playing through them, and place
them face-to-face, the noise tends to cancel if they're in phase and
reinforce if they're out of phase.

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