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Re: Accumulator bomb?

At 13:49 99-11-22 -0600, Reid, Les C. wrote:

>Does the bomb always charge after the car has been setting for a while?
>My 89 200T has always made a strange sound just after I initially start-up.
>Sounds like hydraulic oil flowing, for about 1 sec.
>The brakes get a little soft during the 1 sec.
>Is this is normal?

The bomb should hold pressure after the engine is shut off, if it doesn't
(the fluid level slowly rises after shutdown and then starts to drop after
starting the engine) then you've got a leak somewhere. The leak might be
internal, the most common cause is the brake servo not holding pressure and
leaking fluid back into the reservoir.

Aleksander Mierzwa
Warsaw, Poland
87 5KT