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Re: Vibration at idle?

At 14:00 99-11-22 -0600, Reid, Les C. wrote:

>My 89 200T 10v Automatic sometimes vibrates when in drive at idle.
>The tac reads somewhere around 750rpm.
>If I press the gas slightly to hold 800-850 rpm then the vibration goes
>I assume the car is just getting up in years and the rubber parts
>(dampeners/mounts & such) are just getting hard & worn out.

It is one problem that I never managed to solve on my '87 5KT. I replaced
both the engine and transmission mounts and the engine still vibrates while
in D at idle - the vibration gets really bad if I have the A/C compressor on.

>Will replacing the rubber parts make and improvement?

See above - it didn't make any difference in my case.

>Anything wrong with increasing the idle speed to 850 rpm?

You can't simply adjust the idle on these cars, unless you open the
adjusting screw enough to reach the end of the regulating capability of the
ISV, which is definitely not recommended.

Aleksander Mierzwa
Warsaw, Poland
87 5KT